Platinum and Diamond Allsop and Allsop Watch

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Platinum and Diamond Allsop and Allsop Watch

#1 Post by slinfiniti » Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:19 pm

I run a very large jewelry store in the southeast. Occasionally we get old treasures in, this happens to the case here. I would love some help in getting more history on this watch. I know it most likely came from the Allsops Jewelry store located the northeast

The two brothers, Henry and George A. Allsopp, were both practical jewelers, were born in England and came to Newark in 1881. They commenced their Jewelry business in 1887 under the firm name of H. Allsopp & Co. but in 1892 when they removed to their McWhorter Street location, they adopted the style of Allsopp Brothers. They started with three employees and in 1901 gave steady work to thirty-five, and kept four traveling salesmen continually on the road. They were members of the N. Y. Jewelers' Board of Trade and the Jewelers' League of the United States.
Who may be the movement maker, I would asume the Allsop made the case as indicvated by their case stamp. What I found very unusual is that the diamonds around the bezel, bracelet and clasp are fully faceted, many period diamond wathes the daimonds were single cut, only 17 facets as opposed to the 58 today. That makes this peice very interesting

I eagerly wait some feedback on this treasure. It is remarkable shape for its guesstimated age.

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Re: Platinum and Diamond Allsop and Allsop Watch

#2 Post by afire » Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:26 pm

Never seen a bracelet like that. Very cool design.
Real men wear small watches.

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